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codeIT! 2019 at the Microsoft Reactor

A Different Way to Learn Coding

Learn coding and web development by building your resume! Network with professionals in technology!


May 11, 2019
12PM - 5PM

Microsoft Reactor

680 Folsom St 145
San Francisco, CA 94107 US


Hello There

We Are richmondCodes!

Co-founded by two high school students at Richmond, richmondCodes is an organization based in Richmond, California that organizes FREE one-day-coding workshops, classes, and digital activities throughout underserved communities, primarily to low-income school districts, with the goal to diversify the tech industry and take part in solving the Silicon Valley problem.

Things We Have Accomplished!

Coding Workshops
Student Mentees

What We Do

We’ve got everything for your workshops!

Effectively Introduce Middle and High School students to Computer Science

By the end of a workshop students will be able to understand the basic fundamentals of HTML, and CSS to create a simple webpage. Our curriculum is tailored for both high school and middle school students.

Familiarize Students with Artificial Intelligence

The market is shifting. By 2030, AI is expected to replace over 800 million jobs. Our goal is to replace these jobs with underrepresented and low-income students thus each workshop will feature a presentation on Artificial Intelligence.

Present Students with Networking Opportunities

Each workshop will feature at least one guest speaker from a tech company with a background in CS.

Give Students Exposure to the Business World

Students will create small web pages for businesses of their choice as a part of the end goal in each workshop. While creating the web pages, a presenter will teach the students about marketing strategies to increase customer interaction.

Recent Works

Some Pictures from our Events


Preston Akubuo-Onwuemeka, co-CEO of richmondCodes, mentors a 5th grader attending Olinda Elementary School.


Mr. Adkins, teacher at Middle College, listens to one of the presenations.


A student listens to the presenters.

Programming underway!

Creating webpages!


Learning and Applying!


Gabriel Castillo, a software engineer at Pandora, discusses the basics of Web Development with students

Our Supporters!

richmondCodes is honored to receive endorsements from these tech companies!

Tech Opportunities!

High School Hackathon
Intern with richmondCodes App due (October 15, 2018)

Management and Board

"An education in tech is as significant as ever. With Artificial Intelligence generating over 2.3 million jobs within the next 2 years, we are going to see massive changes in our markets, which will impact our global economy and workforce. And the world demands programmers from underrepresented backgrounds. The social inequality gap in Silicon Valley is already huge and will continue to widen if we don't take make changes in our educational system. Our mission is to introduce students to AI and Computer science, in general, to better assist the underserved population of our global community."

Author image
Shreejal Luitel co-CEO, richmondCodes Richmond, California

"I believe richmondCodes is a great opportunity for students to expand their knowledge of Computer Science and build relationships with professionals in the tech and business industry. There will be about one million new tech jobs by 2020, it's essential that we fill those with underrepresented groups of students. With the rise of artificial intelligence, it is important that we familiarize our students with it."

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Preston Akubuo-Onwuemeka co-CEO, richmondCodes Hercules, California

"We all thought of richmondCodes while Shreejal introduced us to his friends Preston and Kyler through Skype when we were at UChicago, studying courses at the Summer Session. Though I want to get into Law, I have always been an advocate for an equitable education, especially in the tech industry. We want the richmondCodes initiative to inspire the next Sandberg's, Benioff's, and Mayer's. As the social inequality in the tech industry widens, we believe that the time to make an impact is NOW. richmondCodes hopes to expand and bridge underrepresented working-class students with Computer Science. This is our first step in making it happen."

Author image
Kelanu Ranganath Curriculum Developer, richmondCodes Richmond, California

"Having grown up around a low-income community, I know how important education is needed for advancement. Only 40% of all schools in the United States teach Computer Science and this becomes a problem especially for working-class families. It is essential that children in low economic areas feel as if they have the opportunity to advance. If there is one thing that this country is known for, it is equality in opportunity, there should be no reason for having children being left behind due to their economic upbringing. Here at RichmondCodes, we work to accelerate the learning of these children to grant them the equality and equity in the opportunity that they deserve."

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Kevin Nguyen Lead Programmer, richmondCodes Richmond, California

"Having a family whose work is related to CS made me witness the magic of modern-day technology at a young age. But for me what is concerning is that the education in tech is not equitable. It is imperative that we extend the vast opportunities of the technology sector to the new generation who will become future leaders. The work that richmondCodes does bridges underserved students with resources in Computer Science. We provide an education that will inspire and kindle the passion required to set them on a path of success. We are creating the future."

Author image
Tiffany Acevedo Fundraising Manager, richmondCodes Richmond, California

"Coming from a family of a lower socio-economic background, I've recognized the importance of technology and its ability to break through societal barriers. It's imperative that in an evolving world with technology at its center, we give all students an introduction to programming and access to lessons that will challenge and cultivate their creative and intellectual skills."

Author image
Kathleen Bonilla Head of Global Operations, richmondCodes Richmond, California